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The BioClock Studio and BioClock Workshop were courses at the University of California San Diego in which undergraduate and graduate students, drawn from diverse disciplines across the arts and the sciences, worked collaboratively to develop their scientific and communication skills and produced creative educational materials.

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  8. Humans

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  11. Light
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Understanding the Actogram

Learn how to read an actogram with Dr. Gorman

Interview with Dr. Eve Van Cauter

Hear Dr. Van Cauter describe aspects of sleep research

Entrainment Simulator

Explore basic concepts of circadian entrainment, phase response curves, and phase shifts with our Entrainment Simulator

Interview with Dr. Carrie Partch

Hear Dr. Partch discuss the structural underpinnings of molecular clocks

Properties of Entrainable Oscillators

Learn the properties that define an entrainable biological circadian oscillator

Luciferase Reporters for Cyanobacteria in Circadian Research

Learn how luciferase reporters are used to study circadian rhythms in cyanobacteria

Exploring Processes C and S Part 2: Forced Desynchrony

Learn how sleep researchers use a "forced desynchrony" protocol to separate effects of processes C and S on sleep

Photoperiodic Flowering Part 1

Discover how plants measure night- and day-length to determine when to flower

The 2-Process Model of Sleep

Learn how a homeostatic drive and the circadian clock control the timing of sleep

Mammalian Retina and Photoreceptors

Understand the biology behind photoreception in mammals

Luciferase Reporters in Circadian Research

Learn how luciferase reporters are used in circadian biology

Fluence Response Curves and Action Spectra Series

Discover how action spectra are derived from fluence response curves

Bioluminescent and Fluorescent Reporters in Circadian Rhythm Studies

Read about the biology, application, and experimental design of fluorescent reporters in circadian studies

Cellular Oscillators

Learn about "clocks in a dish," and how in vitro mammalian clocks can be used to study circadian rhythms

The Suprachiasmatic Nucleus: Lesion & Transplant Experiments

Learn about landmark experiments that demonstrated the role of the suprachiasmatic nucleus (SCN) in circadian rhythms

Human Circadian Variation: Genetic Approaches

Learn how genetic manipulations in model organisms and in vitro establish circadian links to human variation in chronotype

Circadian Clock-Controlled Genes Part 1

An introductory tutorial video on the mechanisms of mammalian molecular circadian clock regulation, and how the clock regulates other genes.

Daylight Saving Time Infographic

Learn about how Daylight Saving Time affects health

Free-Running Periods

Learn about basic property of free-running periods of circadian oscillators

Healthy Light Exposure Infographic

Learn the do's and don'ts of light exposure that affect circadian rhythms and sleep

Interview with Dr. Amir Zarrinpar

Hear Dr. Zarrinpar discuss circadian rhythms and the gut microbiome

Interview with Dr. Ketema Paul

Hear Dr. Paul describe research on sleep and circadian rhythms

School Start Time Infographic

Learn why school start times matter for adolescents

Interview with Dr. Till Roenneberg

Hear Dr. Roenneberg discuss shift work and circadian disruption

Effects of Sleep Deprivation on Attention and Mood

Learn about the effects of sleep deprivation on attention and mood.

The Transcriptomic Motion Picture of Marine Microbes

A blog post about understanding daily rhythms in marine microbes.

Interview with Dr. Phyllis Zee

Hear Dr. Zee discuss research on sleep and circadian rhythms

Exploring Processes C and S Part 1: Napping Protocol

Learn how sleep researchers use a "napping" protocol to separate effects of processes C and S on sleep

Interviews with Circadian Researchers

Watch brief interviews with circadian biology researchers

Phase Response Curves

Understand phase response curves, an important - but tricky! - circadian concept