Structural Changes of the Cyanobacterial Clock

An animation of the structural changes in the KaiA-KaiB-KaiC cyanobacterial circadian oscillator during its daily cycle. This animation is based on biochemical data over the last two decades from researchers all over the world.

This video was created by members members of the Partch lab at UC Santa Cruz, and Iwasa Lab at the University of Utah Animation Lab. Dr. Carrie Partch is a member of the UC San Diego Center for Circadian Biology.

For more information, see this review on the cyanobacterial circadian clock.

Click to copy citation:Swan J, Lopez Rivera F, Iwasa J, and Partch C. (2023, January 10). Structural changes of the cyanobacteria clock [Video file]. Retrieved from

Top row (left to right): Jeffrey Swan and Franchescka Lopez Rivera
Bottom row: Janet Iwasa and Carrie Partch