Effects of Sleep Deprivation on Attention and Mood

This video tutorial explains the effects of sleep deprivation on attention and mood. It was produced and developed by members of the BioClock Studio Winter 2019 at UC San Diego.

Click to copy citation: Safavi, G., Vora, R., Phan, T., Nguyen, A., Oh, C., Chun, L., Sheredos, B., & Golden, S.S. [The BioClock Studio]. (2019, October 11). Effects of sleep deprivation on attention and mood [Video file]. Retrieved from https://youtu.be/U9SiyStcIU8.

BioClock Studio W2019 Sleep Deprivation Tutorials Team: Shahrzad Imani, Rushabh Vora, Golnesa Savafi, Lauren Chun (mentor), Adam Seluzicki (mentor), Maryanna Sophia Landaverde, and Angela Nguyen.