The Suprachiasmatic Nucleus: Lesion & Transplant Experiments

This video tutorial was produced by members of the BioClock Studio Winter 2017 at UC San Diego. It describes landmark experiments involving suprachiasmatic nucleus (SCN) lesions and SCN transplants with Tau mutant hamsters, which demonstrated the role of the SCN as the central mammalian pacemaker.

Click to copy citation: Hamza, R., Phung, K., Sheredos, B., Tonsfeldt, K.J., & Golden, S.S. [The BioClock Studio]. (2017, August 31). The suprachiasmatic nucleus: Lesion & transplant experiments review [Video file]. Retrieved from

The 2017 Mammalian “MegaGroup”: Ben Sheredos (mentor), Adreanne Rivera, Stephanie Leon, Maria Villalon-Landeros, Rahil Hamza, Kristen Phung, Cheyenne Schloffman, and Karen Tonsfeldt (mentor).