Entrainment Simulator

Our Entrainment Simulator lets you interactively explore basic concepts of circadian entrainment, phase response curves, and phase shifts.

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In this simulation, you will explore concepts of circadian entrainment and experience what happens when a nocturnal mouse is exposed to varying environments. For example, how will light exposure given at an unexpected time cause the mouse to react? Along the way there will be some helpful questions that will ensure you understand these concepts.

Click to copy citation: Liu, J., Kim, A., Gee, A., Ly, D., Lee, L., Attaluri, S., Welkie, D., Harrison, E., Tonsfeldt, K., Sheredos, B., Gorman, M., & Golden, S. (2019, September 13). Entrainment simulator. Retrieved from https://ccb.ucsd.edu/_files/bioclock/projects-2019/Entrainment-Simulator.html.

BioClock Studio W2019 Entrainment Simulator Team: Allen Gee, Jiawei Liu, David Welkie (mentor), and Alisa Kim.
BioClock Studio W2020 Entrainment Simulator / Sleep Team: Dan Ly, Liz Harrison (mentor), Jinkwon Lukas Lee, and Sai Attaluri.