Exploring Processes C and S Part 1: Napping Protocol

This video tutorial explains the “napping protocol” that researchers use to distinguish the effects of (a) the sleep homeostat and (b) the circadian clock on alertness. It was produced and developed by members of the BioClock Studio Winter 2020 at UC San Diego.

Click to copy citation: Lee, L., Attaluri, S., Ly, D., Sheredos, B., Harrison, L., & Golden, S.S [The BioClock Studio]. (2020, August 24). Exploring processes c and s part 1: Napping protocol [Video file]. Retrieved from https://youtu.be/2aNm-vHMZxk.

BioClock Studio W2020 Entrainment Simulator / Sleep Team: Dan Ly, Liz Harrison (mentor), Jinkwon Lukas Lee, and Sai Attaluri.