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The BioClock Studio and BioClock Workshop were courses at the University of California San Diego in which undergraduate and graduate students, drawn from diverse disciplines across the arts and the sciences, worked collaboratively to develop their scientific and communication skills and produced creative educational materials.

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Links Between Mood Disorders and Circadian Rhythms

Learn about the behavioral assays and gene manipulations used in rodent models to explore links between circadian rhythms and mood disorders

Circadian Clock-Controlled Genes Part 2

The second part tutorial on the mechanisms of mammalian molecular circadian clock regulation, and how the clock regulates other genes.

School Start Time Infographic

Learn why school start times matter for adolescents

Effects of Sleep Deprivation on Attention and Mood

Learn about the effects of sleep deprivation on attention and mood.

Interview with Dr. Eve Van Cauter

Hear Dr. Van Cauter describe aspects of sleep research

Properties of Entrainable Oscillators

Learn the properties that define an entrainable biological circadian oscillator

Cellular Oscillators

Learn about "clocks in a dish," and how in vitro mammalian clocks can be used to study circadian rhythms

Circadian Clock-Controlled Genes Part 1

An introductory tutorial video on the mechanisms of mammalian molecular circadian clock regulation, and how the clock regulates other genes.

Free-Running Periods

Learn about basic property of free-running periods of circadian oscillators

The Transcriptomic Motion Picture of Marine Microbes

A blog post about understanding daily rhythms in marine microbes.

Shift Work, Sleep Deprivation, and Health

Discover the health impacts of shift work and sleep deprivation on humans

Entrainment Simulator

Explore basic concepts of circadian entrainment, phase response curves, and phase shifts with our Entrainment Simulator

Mammalian Molecular Entrainment to Light and Networks

Learn how light information alters the molecular circadian clock to promote entrainment

Interview with Dr. Lance Kriegsfeld

Hear Dr. Kriegsfeld discuss circadian rhythms and neuroendocrinology

An Introduction to Chronobiology

Read our three-part introduction to basic concepts in chronobiology

Exploring Processes C and S Part 1: Napping Protocol

Learn how sleep researchers use a "napping" protocol to separate effects of processes C and S on sleep

Common Clock Mechanism Graphics Tool

Use our free editable powerpoint file of mammalian, fly, and plant molecular clock mechanisms in presentations and papers

In-Lab Video Series: Rodent Wheel-Running Experiment

Learn how to design, perform, and analyze a rodent wheel-running experiment.

Interview with Dr. Carrie Partch

Hear Dr. Partch discuss the structural underpinnings of molecular clocks

Daylight Saving Time Infographic

Learn about how Daylight Saving Time affects health

The 2-Process Model of Sleep

Learn how a homeostatic drive and the circadian clock control the timing of sleep

Avian Photoreception

Virtually perform landmark experiments in avian circadian photoreception with our "Ex-Sparrow-ment" Simulator

Phase Response Curves

Understand phase response curves, an important - but tricky! - circadian concept

The Food Entrainable Oscillator

Learn about the discovery and characteristics of the non-canonical Food Entrainable Oscillator

Luciferase Reporters for Cyanobacteria in Circadian Research

Learn how luciferase reporters are used to study circadian rhythms in cyanobacteria

Interview with Dr. Amir Zarrinpar

Hear Dr. Zarrinpar discuss circadian rhythms and the gut microbiome

Cyanobacterial Circadian Clock Output Mechanism

Discover how the core circadian oscillator in the cyanobacterium Synechococcus elongatus sends output to regulate timing

Interview with Dr. Phyllis Zee

Hear Dr. Zee discuss research on sleep and circadian rhythms

Time Memory in Bees

Learn about landmark experiments that established internal clocks as the source of circadian rhythms in animals

The Suprachiasmatic Nucleus: Lesion & Transplant Experiments

Learn about landmark experiments that demonstrated the role of the suprachiasmatic nucleus (SCN) in circadian rhythms