Luciferase Reporters in Circadian Research

This video was made by the BioClock Studio for use in an upper division undergraduate class on circadian rhythms and biological clocks at UC San Diego. It explains the molecular mechanisms of the luciferase reporter, and the key differences between the usage of luciferase and green fluorescent protein.

To learn more, see our online review.

Click to copy citation: Romero, O., Nudell, V., Masood, H.A., Gomez, P., Cohen, S.E., & Golden, S.S. [The BioClock Studio]. (2016, April 8). Luciferase reporters in circadian research [Video file]. Retrieved from

BioClock Studio W2016 Luciferase Reporters Team: Victoriah Nudell, Haroon Masood, Omar Romero, Pablo Gomez, Takako Naguchi (mentor), and Susan Cohen (mentor). 
Pablo Gomez, Haroon Masood, Victoriah Nudell, and Omar Romero working in class.