Common Clock Mechanism Graphics Tool

This Common Clock Mechanism Graphics Tool is an editable powerpoint file to be customized by the user for their intended use. It was created to improve student understanding of transcription-translation feedback loops of circadian clocks across organisms (flies, mammals, and plants).

Click to copy citation: Lim, M., Tu, C., Noguchi, T., & Golden, S.S. (2017, June 15). Common clock mechanism graphics tool. Retrieved from

Teachers and researchers may freely use and edit graphics in this file with attribution to the UC San Diego BioClock Studio (CC BY 4.0). 

Graphics components were created either in PowerPoint or in GIMP, a free & open source image editor, and then imported into PowerPoint.

We made our graphics color-blind friendly, using Color Oracle, a free color blindness simulator.

BioClock Studio W2017 Common Clock Mechanism Graphics Team: Chris Tu, Takako Noguchi (mentor), and Mike Lim.