The BioClock Studio proudly presents…

Interview with Dr. Carrie Partch

Hear Dr. Partch discuss the structural underpinnings of molecular clocks

Interview with Dr. Lance Kriegsfeld

Hear Dr. Kriegsfeld discuss circadian rhythms and neuroendocrinology

Neurobiology – The Neuron

Here we cover the basics of neuroscience

Daylight Saving Time Infographic

Learn about how Daylight Saving Time affects health

Shift Work, Sleep Deprivation, and Health

Discover the health impacts of shift work and sleep deprivation on humans

Understanding the Actogram

Learn how to read an actogram with Dr. Gorman

Links Between Mood Disorders and Circadian Rhythms

Learn about the behavioral assays and gene manipulations used in rodent models to explore links between circadian rhythms and mood disorders

Effects of Sleep Deprivation on Attention and Mood

Learn about the effects of sleep deprivation on attention and mood.

Cyanobacterial Circadian Oscillator

Discover how three proteins interact to make a circadian oscillator mechanism in the cyanobacterium Synechococcus elongatus