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Alissa Kim

This unique opportunity to participate in hands-on projects in a subject that actually interested me sounded like a rewarding experience. The projects completed from previous years truly helped me when I was learning about circadian biology in BIMM116, and I wanted to be a part of the team that will help others to learn as well! I hope that my knowledge and experience from working at a biotech lab and as a biology TA and research in my BS/MS lab will help contribute to educating people about circadian biology. When I am not studying or in the lab, I like to travel and spend time with my dogs.

Allen Gee

I heard about BioClock Studio as a student in BIMM116. I was fascinated at how integrated circadian mechanisms were to maintaining our everyday lifestyles, and as a premed student, this was an interesting opportunity to learn about healthcare through a different lens. Additionally, I enjoyed the learning content that was made by previous BioClock members, and wanted to contribute in expanding the understanding of the subject for future students. I hope to apply my past academic and research experiences to BioClock Studio, and help create new content that will play a proactive role in the learning process for future students.

Alyssa Whorton

I discovered the BioClock Studio while taking the Circadian Rhythms and Biological Clocks class (BIMM 116). Not only did I find the material to be fascinating but the way the material was presented via the BioClock Studio was unlike any other class I had taken before. When I discovered that students in the BioClock Studio were given the opportunity to participate in a collaborative effort aimed towards making educational content for the BIMM 116 class in addition to the general public, I knew I had to apply. When I am not in school or working as a dog walker, I enjoy camping, rock climbing, and playing beach volleyball.

Ana Peng

After waiting a whole year to take BIMM 116/PSYC 133, the class on Circadian Rhythms, I was more than ready to absorb all the information that I could about this fascinating topic. I have always found the existence of circadian clocks to be an incredible aspect of biology but was surprised to find out the various ways in which circadian rhythms can affect our health and daily functioning. Having the opportunity to study this topic at length, I am now excited to share this information along with new research in circadian rhythms with a wider public. In my free time, I enjoy reading and exploring the city.

Angela Nguyen

I am a 4th year general biology major with a passion for creating beautiful things and learning about the powerhouse of the cell. I’m always interested in investigating the intersection of science and art. Seeing my friend’s name in the credits of one of the learning modules for the circadian rhythms course motivated me to be a part of the Bioclock Studio. When I’m not in Geisel studying, I can usually be found spoiling my dog with belly rubs or playing video games.

Golnesa Safavi

Throughout the BIMM116 course, my learning was significantly facilitated by the resources made by the BioClock studio. I was impressed by the studio’s ability to break down a dense topic into simple terms, and am enthusiastic about making information about circadian biology available to the public. I love teaching and mentoring students, especially my peers, so the BioClock studio is a perfect combination of my interests in circadian rhythms and in translating complicated subjects into simple terms. I also wanted to show how fun and exciting circadian biology can be. In my free time I enjoy hiking and road tripping.

Jiawei Liu

I’m passionate about biological discoveries and how to utilize them to improve human health. I learned about BioClock Studio through visiting the website. I realized that BioClock Studio is relatively new, and it needs people with different backgrounds to contribute to develop educational materials and projects. I thought this was a great opportunity for me to develop these skills while learning new knowledge in the field of circadian biology. Plus, I like helping people learn through tutoring and working as a teaching assistant, and creating educational materials is another way to help.

Koorosh Askari

I did not know much about the concept of Circadian Rhythms until I got the privilege to work in Dr. Panda’s circadian lab in Salk institute. Having volunteered for one year in the lab, I wanted to expand my knowledge about this concept and took the Circadian Rhythm class at UCSD. I started reading more about the concept through the class materials and paper I was assigned to read in the lab. During the last quarter of my bachelor, I thought I should try to use the materials I had learned in the class and lab in order to expand the knowledge of fellow students about the concepts of Circadian Rhythms, so I joined the BioClock Studio. 

Rushabh Vora

I wanted to take a different and exciting class at UCSD and that was when I came across BioClock Studio. This class brings together my passion for biology and my love for research, while focusing on an important and under-looked topic: the application of biological circadian rhythms in everyday life. I think it is important to educate individuals about their own body and its mechanism because it allows individuals to be more in control of their health. I want to apply my knowledge as a biology student and my communication skills in order to make science more accessible and enjoyable to learn about.

Ryan Lagrand

I am a third year human biology student with a passion for genetics and a background in teaching, photography, and coffee. My interest for circadian biology began from being exposed to discussions on time restricted eating. Since then, I have applied my new knowledge by discarding my alarm clock and choosing to wake up purely by light exposure.

Sebastian Boy Waxman

I came to UCSD as an exchange student and was delighted to have the opportunity to participate in the BioClock Studio. Since joining a laboratory of circadian biology, I fell in love with the subject and considered this course as an opportunity to learn more. I hope to cooperate with others as we create material that helps the general public understand the importance of knowing their biological rhythms. In my spare time, I like to play basketball, play drums and train boxing.

Shahrzad Imani

I am a senior studying Human Biology, in hope of becoming a Dermatologist fit to join the Peace Corps. I volunteer at Moore’s Cancer Center and intern in Dr. Satchin Panda’s Circadian Rhythm lab at Salk Institute. I love team efforts, communication, and growth. I believe the value and understandings of Circadian Rhythms have not yet extended into the world as a vital factor for proper health or physiological functioning. I am happy to help raise awareness so that  the majority of our population can have a general understanding of Circadian Rhythms.

Maryanna Sophia Landaverde

I heard about the BioClock Studio while taking the Circadian Rhythms course in the Fall since the videos used were made by previous BCS years. These videos were extremely helpful to me as someone who has trouble keeping focus while reading so I was glad to have them as a resource. I knew I wanted to join because I wanted to help create more of these videos. I have experience with making videos and I want to apply that to help others. Outside of class, I help make a satire newspaper as a Design Editor and I play my french horn in an orchestra and wind ensemble. I also dance and explore the outdoors by hiking or on a longboard.

Stuart Lee

I learned of the BioClock Studio from my desire to look for a class that I would both enjoy and grow my passion for biology. As I explored its website, I discovered how this course’s purpose was not just to teach circadian biology, but to be able to serve students taking circadian rhythm courses or bring awareness to the general public. I am looking forward to seeing how we will work together to make these different projects to accommodate multiple learning styles.

Tiffany Phan

The BioClock Studio combines my passions in a way that I’ve never experienced before. When I came to UCSD, I planned a conventional path as a general biology major but added the Interdisciplinary Computing, Arts, and Music minor and began Technical Communications certification to find fulfillment between creative work and the hard sciences. I am working towards a career in technical/scientific communications and am thrilled to use my diverse experiences and skill sets to contribute to the BioClock Studio. I love learning new things, and so my hobbies include everything from writing to sewing to filmmaking!

Ximei Ackerman

Throughout my life, I have always enjoyed learning about the world around me, but I enjoy even more sharing that knowledge with others. I pursued this passion by taking opportunities to tutor and mentor students at the elementary, high school, and community college levels. When I heard about BioClock Studio in the BIMM116 course, I knew that this program was the perfect opportunity to help others experience the wonder of science. My goal is to combine my interests in art, teaching, and biology to help other students learn about circadian biology as the previous years’ BioClock Studio teams helped me.


Adam Seluzicki

As a graduate student in circadian neurobiology, and now as a postdoc at the Salk Institute studying how plants respond to the environment, I developed a deep appreciation for the variety of interesting questions related to biological timing. It is a privilege to be a part of the Bioclock Studio and work with students to explore these questions. The intersection of science and design as the students create their projects is a fascinating thing to witness, and is made even better knowing that the materials will encourage more people to engage with circadian time.

David Welkie

As a postdoc in the Center for Circadian Biology I work on determining how the circadian timing of metabolism influences cellular physiology and performance in cyanobacteria. The Bioclock Studio affords a unique and exhilarating opportunity to work with students in learning about biology. My favorite aspect of being involved in this course is sharing with students the many ways circadian biology impacts our lives and working closely with them to develop wonderful learning tools that will benefit future scientists and public alike.

Karen Tonsfeldt

I am a postdoc in the department of Obstetrics, Gynecology, and Reproductive Science, where I study how circadian rhythms affect reproduction. I am an advocate of making science accessible to everyone who wants to learn, and I appreciate the tremendous opportunity to share my favorite scientific topic through BioClock Studio! The evolution of vague ideas in to tutorials is an amazing process, and is one of my favorite parts.

Lauren Chun

I am a postdoc in the Department of Obstetrics, Gynecology & Reproductive Sciences studying the circadian regulation of reproduction. I am excited to be a part of the BioClock Studio because it is at the intersection of science, art, and communication. Moreover, it is a great opportunity to work closely with students in such a unique learning environment. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the collaborative process of working with the students to produce educational material on circadian biology.

Susan Golden

Being an HHMI Professor provides an exceptional opportunity to approach education in new ways. Seeing collaborative projects emerge from diverse student teams is very satisfying. The BioClock Studio is tremendously rewarding because everyone learns: the participating students and their mentors, the hundreds of students who use BioClock Studio materials each year in an undergraduate circadian rhythms class, and people all over the world who access our online resources.

Thijs Walbeek

I am PhD candidate in experimental psychology and study circadian entrainment in mice. As a returning instructor for the BioClockStudio, I am excited to be part of another round of making educational tutorials and outreach material. I am motivated to share my fascination for circadian rhythms and their relevance within and outside the academic world. The studio creates a unique interaction between undergraduate students and experts to optimally spread our message, with the potential of reaching a large audience.

Waverly Tseng

As a former BioClock Studio student, I appreciate the opportunity to return and help students create educational materials for the exciting field of circadian biology. I am excited to be a part of the effort to work toward facilitating effective communication between the general public and the scientific community. I look forward to putting my experiences as both a student and mentor in the class toward furthering engagement with issues important to our health and daily lives.