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Erica Schoeller, Katia Bonaldi, Ben Sheredos, Susan Golden, Thijs Walbeek, Karen Tonsfeldt, and Takako Noguchi.


Adreanne Rivera

I heard about BioClock Studio during lecture while taking the class, BIMM116 (Circadian Rhythms & Biological Clocks), and I decided to join because I found it as a perfect opportunity to apply my love for science and art towards a meaningful cause. I am a double major in Human Biology and Human Computer Interaction, and my in-depth background knowledge in both biological processes as well as multimedia design is what I contribute to the BioClock Studio. I hope that the materials we create can cultivate a stronger sense of enthusiasm as well as a deeper level of understanding of the research we are synthesizing with future generations of BIMM116 students. Lastly, one random fun fact is that I am an adrenaline junkie–I love roller coasters, skydiving, and paragliding!.

Cheyenne Schloffman

After taking the Circadian Rhythms course at UCSD caught, I found myself not ready to stop learning more about circadian rhythms. I’ve gained a lot of experience teaching my peers through different organizations I am apart of at UCSD and I’m excited to be able to apply this experience to helping create new educational materials for BioClock Studio. Other than classwork and spending most of my free time in research labs, I enjoy riding my bike and exploring different coffee shops all around San Diego.

Chris Tu

I heard about BioClock Studio while I was participating in the Circadian Rhythm Class in the fall and I joined because I wanted to educate others about the health concerns that come from defying your body’s 24-hour cycle. I really enjoy teaching so creating legends and review articles that explain information in a digestible manner for people to learn really fits in with my interests. I hope to provide the general public with free resources on circadian biology so that people may understand the importance of maintaining a schedule for sleep, eating, and much more. In my free time, I like to practice a dance style called popping.

Clara Oh

I heard about the BioClock Studio from a friend who also applied this quarter, and I was attracted to the class because of its interest in creating biological animations to help students better learn circadian biology. I am excited to combine my strong background in the biological sciences and skill set in 3D animating to build more visually representative tutorials. During my free time, I enjoy learning flamenco and electric guitar pieces, and reading manga

Erin Johnson

I took Dr. Golden and Dr. Gorman’s circadian rhythms and biological clocks class (BIMM 116), which is how I learned about BioClock Studio. I was intrigued instantly, as this type of course is very unique at a large research university like UC San Diego, so I applied immediately. I have a little bit of background in circadian biology research regarding the mouse retina, as well as current research experience in immuno-oncology. These research experiences made me feel as if I could make a good fit with BioClock Studio, as I am familiar with the literature, as well as how to have meaningful discussions with researchers. I’m very proud to be a part of such an amazing group of students and faculty, all working towards the same goal! Outside of my academic and professional life, I enjoy attending concerts and music festivals in my free time.

Jay Dandekar

I heard about BioClock Studio while I was taking Circadian Rhythms class. While taking the course I found the modules and videos to be a tremendous help when trying to understand complicated topics. When I learned that there was a whole class dedicated to making the tutorials I decided to join and make content for topics that I found challenging so hopefully it will be easier for future students to learn. Outside of procrastinating for classes I enjoy getting outside and exploring the campus.

Kristen Phung

I saw an email about BioClock Studio, but didn’t think much of it until my roommate took it herself. Seeing her be a part of a course that was so hands on and project based, it peaked my interest instantly. I’ve had some experience in working with lecture information and putting it into a more interesting format, so I’m excited to be a part of an amazing group to improve education. Outside of studying for my classes, I love traveling to different cities and exploring what’s outside of San Diego.

Maria Villalon-Landeros

I learned about the BioClock Studio from a friend who is an alum of the class. I decided to join because of the unique projects and the collaborative and interactive approach of the course. As a student who took the Circadian Rhythms/Biological Clocks class and someone who requires more than a traditional lecture to learn new concepts, I hope my input contributes to addressing a wider range of learning styles. Ultimately, I hope to contribute in helping students and the general public learn about Circadian Biology. Outside of school, I love having cooking and baking adventures in my kitchen!

Mike Lim

I heard about The BioClock Studio from the fall Bimm116 class and was immediately engrossed in the field of circadian biology. I’ve always enjoyed drawing and art, but as a science major I was never really able to combine both what I loved. As a part of the common graphics group I hope to give students the opportunity to learn in a clear and concise method. Outside of class I am a fan of exploring new places and trying unique foods!

Paul Llannura

I wanted to get involved with BioClock Studios after hearing about it a year ago and seeing how their content intertwines scientific study and artistic practice. My background is in graphic design and computing arts, but I have a lot of interest in the topic of circadian biology. I think that creating educational materials is a good opportunity to learn about applying the arts to scientific research, and I hope to create something that has a beneficial impact to students. In my spare time I enjoy playing tennis and video games.

Rahil Hamza

I am a 2nd year transfer student at UC San Diego and I am currently in the process of getting my bachelors degree in the field of Human Biology. I have taken BIMM 116: Circadian Rhythms and BioClocks and it has helped me in becoming a better problem solver. The professors and material taught in the class always show students current research and experiments that circadian scientists have done to better our understanding of circadian rhythms. This research has inspired me to join BioClock Studio because I want to me a part in showing students how interesting and fun circadian biology can be.

Sarah To

My apartment mate was involved with the BioClock Studio last year and had a great experience with the course. He suggested that I look into it and I am glad I did! I have spent several quarters as a instructional assistant and have realized that teaching is a great passion of mine. To be able to translate complex biological concepts into more accessible and coherent resources that all curious students can access is an incredibly meaningful opportunity in itself. It has been so wonderful to work with all of the amazing individuals in this course. My ultimate goal in life is to see as much of the world as I can – every continent including Antarctica!

Stephanie Leon

I took the Circadian Rhythms/Biological Clocks class on a whim to fulfill my elective requirement and found passion in the challenge that came from learning about this budding field. As soon as I became aware of the BioClock Studio, I knew I had to join because this universal biological concept is not only an integral part of our world, but also needs love and care to help it grow beyond the lab and into our common knowledge. I hope to nurture this unfolding and see the growing emphasis on circadian biology improve the quality of life for us and our planet. I enjoy pursuing the very many hobbies I cannot completely dedicate myself to when I’m not overwhelmed with schoolwork.

Waverly Tseng

I heard about the BioClock Studio in the Circadian Rhythms class and, after delving into the created and creative course material, knew that I wanted to help other students the same way the BioClock Studio had helped me. I hope to apply my experience in tutoring fellow undergraduate students in developing interesting and sound arguments to the efforts of the collaboration of students and scientists that compose the BioClock Studio. In my spare time, I enjoy singing, playing video games, and FaceTiming with my dog.