But I bought a yearbook ad from you, doesn’t that mean anything anymore? As you may or may not know, Lindsay and I have hit a bit of a rough patch. He’ll want to use your yacht, and I don’t want this thing smelling like fish.

I don’t criticize you! And if you’re worried about criticism, sometimes a diet is the best defense. Did you enjoy your meal, Mom? You drank it fast enough. That’s what it said on ‘Ask Jeeves.’ What’s Spanish for “I know you speak English?”

Structural Changes of the Cyanobacterial Clock

Watch the structural nanomachine of the cyanobacterial circadian oscillator come to life in this video made by our colleagues.

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Establishing the Genetic Basis of Circadian Rhythms: A Landmark Study

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Photoperiodic Flowering Part 2

Part 2, the advanced mechanisms how plants measure night- and day-length to determine when to flower

Circadian Clock-Controlled Genes Part 2

The second part tutorial on the mechanisms of mammalian molecular circadian clock regulation, and how the clock regulates other genes.

Circadian Transcriptomics Dry Lab Series

Learn the approaches and experimental design of circadian -omics studies in a “dry lab” format

Healthy Light Exposure Infographic

Learn the do's and don'ts of light exposure that affect circadian rhythms and sleep