Circadian Fundamentals

Bioluminescent and Fluorescent Reporters in Circadian Rhythm Studies

Read about the biology, application, and experimental design of fluorescent reporters in circadian studies

An Introduction to Chronobiology

Read our three-part introduction to basic concepts in chronobiology

Common Clock Mechanism Graphics Tool

Use our free editable powerpoint file of mammalian, fly, and plant molecular clock mechanisms in presentations and papers

Properties of Entrainable Oscillators

Learn the properties that define an entrainable biological circadian oscillator

Understanding the Actogram

Learn how to read an actogram with Dr. Gorman

In-Lab Video Series: Rodent Wheel-Running Experiment

Learn how to design, perform, and analyze a rodent wheel-running experiment.

Phase Response Curves

Understand phase response curves, an important - but tricky! - circadian concept

Naming Conventions

Understand the terms used in circadian biology

Free-Running Periods

Learn about basic property of free-running periods of circadian oscillators