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Many biological oscillators are regulated by light. For a historical perspective, start with our interactive “ex-sparrow-ment” on avian photoreception. Click on the image to explore how actograms were used to discover how light entrains circadian behavior in birds.

Our infographics, made in collaboration with the Society for Biological Rhythms Public Outreach Briefs, cover light exposure in the context of normal health, school start times, and daylight saving time:

This tutorial explains how light is sensed in the retina by intrinsically-photosensitive retinal ganglion cells.

Light input from the retina alters the expression of the molecular clock in the suprachiasmatic nucleus, leading to entrainment.

Many of the experiments on non-image-forming vision and light detection use advanced techniques such as fluence response curves and action spectra, which we cover in this three-part series.